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War Is Coming To America

Are you prepared for war that is soon to be upon us? It's time to prepare our hearts and ensure that we're fully given into the hand of King Jesus.
4-26-2022 - War Is Coming To America

Today’s prophetic word is very much unsettling but true. As Pastor Ray was preparing for this broadcast, a word was spoken to him (i.e. a rhema if you will), which is the title of the broadcast today. In addition, that word was melded with the story of Gideon, which was the meat of today’s broadcast.

What is clear is that these two messages come together beautifully, as the story of Gideon is a parallel one to us in America. Listen closely to the message and hear the call of the Spirit to be crucified with Christ, it’s time dear one as war is upon us…

Will you be like Gideon and make an offering to the Lord, after you’ve fully humbled your heart. It’s time to identify any and all sin and give yourselves fully into the hand of the Lord. The story of Gideon will continue tomorrow.


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