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You Must Prepare Now For War

Are you willing to prepare for war as Gideon did knowing that will create much turmoil? It's time to get ready...
4-27-2022 -You Must Prepare Now For War

Pastor Ray continues the story of Gideon and lays out how we too must prepare for war. As Gideon came to an end of himself, he had to build an altar, which endangered his already fragile life. He had to tear down the altar of Ba’al. For us, that’s akin to laying everything down on the altar, regardless of the repercussions. No more compromise, no more darkness and no more participation with wickedness of this world, we must have a real backbone against all darkness.

We want to jump to the exploits of Gideon without making the sacrifice he made. That will never do dear one, are you willing to law down everything come what may and stand against the darkness wherever it may be? It’s time to have a backbone and do whatever Jesus asks us to do.