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Sin What We’re Saved From (2008)

This is a must listen from a dear brother, who speaks a straight and honest word.

We’re bringing you another special Saturday episode of Pilgrim’s Progress, by a dear brother Russ (or Rusty) Lavender. It’s more of a polemic than a sermon but it’s very powerful as we’re always saved from sin (not in sin). The last part of the message was question and answers but it wasn’t possible to hear the questions so some edits were made.

He also went through the history of the sinning Christian and used a book entitled Apostolic Church by Charles Ewing Brown. There’s also a quote from Leonard Ravenhill he references at the end which will break your heart because he was right on.

When I relistened to this, I was reminded of another quote from Frank Bartleman, which I’ve included below:

The early Church ran well for a season. Everything went down before it. But by the third or fourth century, they had compromised to escape the cross. They sold out to the devil, backslid, and went down into the “Dark Ages.

Frank Bartleman – Lay minister and revivalist from Azusa Street

It stands to reason that the only way back to New Testament Christianity is through the cross, which will require an absolute resolution to cast off all compromise. In that vein, the song from Gene (or Geno) and Anne Schmidt at the beginning of the message will be a comfort to those determined to walk the path of the cross. God bless you dear one!


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