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Three Loaves of Bread (2006)

Because of our bent to pride, we find importunity much too humbling and hence we go year after year without the power of the Holy Spirit...

Is the gift of the Holy Ghost an optional snack for you? Through the parable of the man begging his friend for three loaves at midnight, Jesus directs us to pray for the gift of the Holy Ghost with bold, persistent, urgency that will not be turned away. This begging process humbles our hearts and makes us aware that we are starving orphans without the Holy Ghost. For God to answer, obedience to the Holy Spirit in even the smallest things must accompany this kind of prayer. When the Holy Spirit prompts you to spend time with him in prayer or Scripture, do you obey? Do you cherish his promptings, or do you grieve him away by ignoring his promptings and going about your life? If you aren’t anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit, how will you ever reach the lost?