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A Pure Heart by Faith (2011)

The wonderful gift of entire sanctification is available to you but there's a price attached (your life)...

You are sanctified the same way you are saved: by a gift of grace through faith. The cost–you must die with Christ–is also the same. In early America, this gift of sanctification–or a pure heart–often came via the mourner’s bench. After a service, those battling with conviction would tarry on a pew at the front of the building and inventory every area of their life. What are each of my individual sins? Over which areas of my life do I claim ownership? Through this thorough work, a person would finally “pray through” into a pure heart, being made holy by faith in Jesus Christ. Have you carefully inventoried your life in this manner? If so, are to keeping short accounts with Jesus on a day-to-day basis so that you don’t backslide?