The Goat of Departure

What does the goat of departure represent?

As we enter Holy Week, the familiar story of the death and resurrection of Christ comes to the forefront. The two-fold problem the church faces during this time is that, for many, this message doesn’t result in a change in thinking and life, because, we think, “I already know that story.” Like Nadab and Abihu, much of the church today is pretending to worship Jesus and be filled with Holy Spirit when in fact they are offering the strange fire of their own hearts. America is going to hell in a handbasket, and it appears the church couldn’t care less. Is it righteous for America to abort thousands of babies a day, lift up gay marriage, steal money from its own citizens, and bomb whomever we please? Is there really no sense of responsibility for the morality of this nation? No word of rebuke? This drunken stupor will be overturned only by the coming of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of the two-fold work of the atonement as revealed by the two goats of Leviticus 16. The goat of departure (or scapegoat) shows that sin is not only pardoned, but sent away and removed by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The heart of Jesus is to send away ALL sin from your life and from this nation–but he requires YOUR cooperation. Will you listen with fresh ears to this message?