The War Is On

Because of rampant compromise in the church, we may fail to see that we're in a battle but believe you me, we are. The question is whether or not you will be a casualty of the conflict?
4-26-2017 The War Is On! - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

The war is on: Satan is being evicted, and Jesus Christ is conquering territory on this earth by reclaiming men and women’s hearts to obedience under the royal authority of God. In this war, we are called to repent–to leave the kingdom of darkness and enlist in the battle for righteousness. If you make this decision, you will be trained by discipline and suffering until you say, “I’m done with the world, the devil, and sin. I choose Jesus Christ. I choose his righteousness. No matter what happens, I will not turn away from Jesus!” This will require a burning zeal in your heart that says, “I must have Jesus!” If you’re casual about this, you will become a casualty of war. Have you, with burning zeal, completely given everything to Jesus because you prize his kingdom above all else?

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