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The Mote and the Beam

Are you willing to deal with the beam in your own eye, so that you can help a brother or sister in need?
The Mote and the Beam, "Pilgrim's Progress" Radio Broadcast (12-10-2018)

As Christians, we need each other to help us see blind spots in our own character. But the way in which we do this is everything.

The first step in helping another person is to remove the beam from our own eye. What is the beam? Yes, there is a small wrong in the other person. But the beam is when my response is even more wrong. If the other person provokes criticism, resentment, ill will, or gossip in me, then that is far worse than the tiny wrong that provoked it. Ideally, our response should be one of honest, loving, courteous, redemptive boldness.

Learn how to practically remove this beam from your eye and how to take the mote of your brother or sister’s eye.

This broadcast includes a reading from The Calvary Road by Roy Hession.

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