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Save Yourself Today

Have you forsaken your life for real?
9-20-2017 Save Yourself Today - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

When Elijah called down fire on Mount Carmel, the Israelites acknowledged that the Lord was God. However, they didn’t serve him. They refused the opportunity to repent and save themselves from God’s wrath. Then, when Jesus Christ laid down his life on Calvary, he set a second Mount Carmel. The call was the same: “Sinner, save yourself from the wrath to come!”

But in this second Mount Carmel, the Israelites weren’t indifferent. They shouted, “Crucify him!” and demanded that a murderer be released in place of the Son of God. Nonetheless, the crucifixion of Jesus opened an avenue of escape for every sinner–including you.

Have you exhausted yourself in the pursuit of the Almighty Dollar? Does the devil gloat over you as a trophy in his camp? The day of God’s judgment bears down as a swift train upon you. Soon, sooner than you think, you will face the record of everything you have done. Hell is a real place, filled with suffering beyond imagination. Are you really willing to go to hell for that next drink? Or for that next man or woman? Do you really want to throw your soul away over a few dollars that you cheated out of someone?

Jesus Christ died not for the righteous–he died for sinners. Are you in sin today? If so, will you forsake your sin and live worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ?