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How Do I Become a Christian? – 2015

Find out how to become a Christian during today's message.

We’ve put together several shorts from this sermon because many of you are seeking to become Christians. Note how contrary the scriptures are to much of what is being taught in the modern church.

The heart of Jesus is to totally transform you and that won’t be an easy or pain-free work, but it’s done by Jesus through the Holy Spirit, not by legalism. Are you willing to ask an honest question to the Holy Spirit, which is am I really a Christian and if not will you show me how to become a follower of Jesus?

Be blessed as you listen along.

“The only way you can access the power of God is through the promises of God because he is a covenant keeping God. The only way you can become a Christian, the only way you can be crucified, is by faith.”

Pastor Ray during today’s message

“Preach the judgment of God but preach it with mercy.”

Pastor David Wilkerson’s admonition to Pastor Ray

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