The Eli Spirit

Are you an Eli?

God confronted Eli, the high priest of Israel, with the sins of Eli’s sons who served in the temple. Instead of addressing his sons, Eli took a fatalistic approach: “Let God do whatever seems good to him.” God wanted to save Eli and bring revival to Israel. But, Eli’s impenitence blocked God and led to the death of his two sons.

From this story, we characterize the Eli Spirit. It is lazy, loves lifestyle, refuses to call sin by its name, and won’t repent. Some of you possess this spirit. You think that you can get away with wickedness and that God will save you anyway. Instead, you are blocking God and heaping up wrath against yourself.

Jesus Christ clearly taught that we will all be judged by what we’ve done. Only those who keep God’s commandments will inherit eternal life. So, are you daily keeping the commandments of Jesus? Or do you cherish a fatal delusion–one that, to your surprise, will send you to eternal damnation?