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Not Everyone Will Enter Heaven

Today's message is a call from Jesus through the Sermon on the Mount to be "sold out" or fully given to Jesus. Is that where your heart is?
6-13-2024  Not Everyone Will Enter Heaven

Pastor Ray begins the broadcast by sharing some thoughts from a thoughtful listener and follower of Jesus Christ. One of the key things to note is that we must uncover the lies of the modern church, when those lies come directly against the words of Jesus.

Pastor Ray takes us to the Sermon on the Mount (and the Beatitudes, which is a part of that great sermon) to identify what Jesus wants from us. That is compared against some of the teachings of the modern church, which do not require crucifixion and do not require that one be sold out to Jesus.

Most will not enter heaven, Jesus tells us it’s because of false teachers who feed our egos, not with conviction by the Holy Spirit. What is the fruit of your life? Prayerfully consider the entire sermon and ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you’re at. Don’t be blocked by pride and a false understanding of the scriptures.