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A True Follower Of Jesus

Hear the call to follow Jesus, compared to the call of most of the modern institutional churches as Pastor Ray walks us through most of the Beatitudes today.
6-12-2024  A True Follower Of Jesus

Scriptures Used During Today’s Broadcast: Matthew 5,

Pastor Ray distinguishes the modern institutional church compared to what Jesus lays out in something we call the Beatitudes, which is a part of the Sermon on the Mount. There is a stark contrast between the two. In this sermon Jesus lays out the steppingstones of the Christian life and Pastor Ray walks us through much of this sermon.

The key is to begin with “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” as this beatitude is foundational to all the other things that Jesus wants to do in our hearts. Are you willing to go through these one by one and allow the Holy Spirit access to your heart?