I Will Not Look Back

Have you decided to not look back as Lot's wife did and to give your life fully into the hands of Jesus?
6-11-2024  I Will Not Look Back

Scriptures Used During Today’s Message: Matthew 6:5-15

On today’s Pilgrim’s Progress, we had three different sections, the first was singing at Pastor Jimmy Swaggart’s church followed by a brief exegesis of the Lord’s prayer. If you were listening on the radio, we went off the air and another message was played because our connection was lost with the station.

Here’s a short made from another similar message.

Meeting the Conditions for Effective Prayer

For the rest of us, Pastor Ray walked through each part of the Lord’s prayer, which is critically important to understand. We apologize for the issues with the station as our connection to the station was shut down. Thank you to each one who listens and supports this ministry at the call of the Holy Spirit.

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