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The Danger of Self Love (2005)

Is the danger of self-love apparent in your life? Are you willing to give this to Jesus and ask Him to change you?

Scriptures Used During Today’s Message: Mark 8:34-38, 1 Corinthians 11:17-30, Matthew 16:24

In today’s encore sermon, Pastor Ray identifies the cancer of self-love, which has permeated the body of Christ in America. If anything, this great sin has increased significantly since the message was originally given in 2005. Jesus has been kicked out of most of the American church, which is in part to self-love. This self-love can be manifested as discouragement or depression.

Does your heart turn inward to self-love or outward in love to the body of the Christ and to those who don’t know Jesus. Are you willing to deal with this before Jesus?

Pride was originally looked down upon and considered a vice but now is readily embraced in our culture, as self-esteem. Has self-love tainted your love and devotion to Jesus Christ? Are you willing to have every vestige of self-love removed, so that you can love your neighbor as yourself?