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Police remove Christians from prayer sit in for asylum seekers at Malcolm Turnbull's office

Direct Civil Disobedience

Direct civil disobedience against the wickedness in high places is something that God oftentimes requires of his servants. Are you willing to obey Jesus regardless of the cost involved?

Today’s message is from Daniel Chapter 6 and is the very familiar story of Daniel in the lion’s den. Despite the fact that Daniel was nearing the end of his life, he did not murmur against the wicked enemies of his day. Nor did he try to get even but he put all of his trust in the mighty God of Heaven (and his promises) and Daniel’s life continued to be a fragrant offering to the Lord God of heaven (and he subsequently was powerfully delivered).

Could the same be said of you dear one or is your life about what you want and what you believe that God owes you?


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