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Breaking the Power of Jezebel (2004)

Are you cheating on Jesus?

In the message to the church in Thyatira, the risen Lord rebukes the Jezebel spirit that seduced his church–not in a back country way, but with the high life. Today, this same spirit manifests in the American  church through at least eight lies, including “name it and claim it,” covenant theology, seed planting, eternal security, and God’s unconditional love. These deceptions lead God’s people to prostitution. If you pay money to indulge in darkness–such as watching professional sports, pigging out on fast food, or traveling to Las Vegas–you are literally selling yourself to cheat on Jesus. Christ says, “I gave her time to repent, but she was unwilling,” and so, “I will strike her children dead.” This imminent, nationwide Ananias and Sapphira judgment will bring trembling and fear before Almighty God, but it is not God’s first choice–he prefers repentance. Are you cheating on Jesus? If so, will you repent before it is too late?

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