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An END to Self Absorption – 2004

This is an old favorite and it's something that we need to carefully and prayerfully consider. Is your life full of your own concerns??

Much, if not most of the modern church has integrated the American culture in with the scriptures to where the church looks much more like the world, the flesh and the devil, instead of Jesus Christ. That’s a very sad travesty, so what are we to do?

We must allow the Holy Spirit to uncover our self-absorption, which will be very humbling and painful and begin to repent and ask Jesus to change us. Listen to this message with a honest heart and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your heart. It’s easy to be hard on others but soft on ourselves. Are you willing to ask Jesus to remove all self-absorption in your heart? If you’re willing to be honest, this message will help you immensely while if you’re unwilling to be honest with yourself, your self-deception will continue to grow and your heart will grow harder toward Jesus. What will you do dear one?


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