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Are You Going To A Better Place When You Die?

When you die are you going to a better place? Are you sure???
12-01-2021 Are You Going To A Better Place When You Die

The focus in our study of 1st and 2nd Peter shifts today to focus upon false teachers. Do you know the marks of false teachers or teachings? The false church has become an institution focusing upon finances and wonderful edifices and not a body of believers seeking after the smile of Jesus. Pastors simply function as hirelings to enable false comfort for their flocks. All of these things (and more) have happened in the modern church. Such apostasy always results in God’s judgment and Pastor walked through a quick history.

Pastor Ray also uncovers many of the lies in the modern church, primarily fed by spiritual pride, which will lead to hell if not forsaken. Have you been snared by these lies? Have you desired to be in charge of your life (like Eve)?


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