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You Would Kill Jesus

Is your pride blocking your way to Jesus and you'd rather kill Jesus than deal with it?
1-15-2018 - You Would Kill Jesus - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

Do you sin? If so, in your current condition, you would kill Jesus rather than submit to him. The Gospel of John demonstrates this shocking and uncomfortable truth. In an exchange with the Jews who believed on him, Jesus said, “Whoever commits sin is the servant of sin.” He goes on to explain that a servant of sin, though religious, will not enter heaven. Likewise, a person set free from sin by Jesus is free indeed. In other words, he no longer sins.

Take a moment to consider. Has someone tried to talk to you about sin in your life? How have you responded? For example, have they said, “You can’t live with someone you’re not married to and be saved?” Have you said, “God understands,” or, “That’s my business, not yours”?

Or, does the idea of God sending you to hell for your sins make you angry? Are you angry that God is so committed to doing good that he would kill every sinner on the planet in a catastrophic flood?

Will you stubbornly insist that you can be saved without total obedience to God, only to come to the Judgment and find yourself cast into eternal fire? Or will you melt in view of God’s pity towards you, and sell-out to Jesus?