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You Can Enter Into Jesus

Are you willing to enter into Jesus through real repentance or are you are like Saul with your excuses?
1-04-2023  You Can Enter Into Jesus

Today’s message can be summed up in the one scripture that is referenced multiple times during the broadcast (Proverbs 28:13) and is shown at the bottom of the post. As Pastor Ray goes back to the story of King Saul and the prophet Samuel, we see that Saul’s repentance was blocked by his desire for the approval of others and his desire to be somebody. Is that where your heart is today?

Jesus is asking for true repentance, have you met the conditions for that repentance? The good news is that today is the day of salvation. Will you be honest before Jesus? The ultimate question is where will you put your feet? Will you be like Saul and put it under the witches tables or like King David and put your feet under the table of the Lord?

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