What Can God Do in You?

"The natural strength and ability of man is always the greatest hindrance to the work of God, and to God’s working." Bartleman, Frank. Azusa Street: How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles
10-17-2017 -What Can God Do in You? Pilgrim's Progress - Radio Broadcast

We admire men and women who laid everything down for Jesus. For example, the apostle Peter dedicated his life to starting the church. He brought thousands of people to Jesus. Then, at the end of his life, he was arrested and crucified upside down. His wife died a martyr at the same time. So what can God do in you? Can he use you as a hero of the faith–just like Peter and his wife?

That answer depends on you. How much are you willing to be used by God? Peter didn’t come to that place of martyrdom overnight. He left his fishing business and spent years sleeping outside, running out of food. He let God humiliate him, destroy his self-esteem, and lay him in the dust. Likewise, the story of Saul exemplifies God’s way of humbling a man, converting him, and baptizing him in the Holy Spirit.

God wants to do the same in your life. He created you with a number of talents and intends to use you to your fullest potential for his kingdom. Your fullest potential may not be that of an apostle. Nonetheless, God has a specific purpose for which he created you.

Is your heart inflamed with fire for Jesus today? If your heart is cold and dead, will you give yourself totally to Jesus, and see what God can do in you?

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