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Trust in Jesus (2004)

Where are you placing your trust??

The natural man or woman works to earn food and clothing, and considers these things their own. But, Jesus directed the children of God’s kingdom to live differently. Instead of going to a job to earn money, Christians go to their jobs to witness for Jesus. Because they trust God to clothe and feed them, they preach the gospel. They ask Jesus to give them souls.

But, more than that, Christians don’t build “barns” to store up their stuff. Instead, they sell what they have and give to those in need. This may even mean giving your last dollar to someone in need–because you trust that God will provide for you.

When a Christian gets rid of his “barn,”–whether that’s savings or retirement–and gives to those in need, he is making a deposit into the bank of heaven.

Are you rich in things that you can’t take with you when you die? Or are you rich towards God?

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