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I Choose to Serve Jesus (2008)

What does it take to walk into revival? Found during our story with Naaman today...

God’s judgment comes upon those who rebel against Him. These judgments are almost identical in the Old and New Testaments. One example is a lack of spiritual discernment. A second is lust that results in broken marriages.

The only way to escape God’s judgment is to repent. And not just saying, “I repent.” But, as Jesus indicated, to repent is to give up your life for Jesus. If you say, “I’ll serve God, but I’ll still keep certain parts of my life,” then you haven’t repented, and you are still under God’s judgments.

But, when you lose your life for Jesus, you become a new person. Now, instead of destroying your soul and others’, everything you say and do builds up others and furthers God’s kingdom.

If you recognize that you’re under any of these judgments of God, will you choose to serve Jesus today? Not just with your words, but with your heart and life?

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