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True Intimacy with God

Find out the true cost of intimacy with Jesus!
True Intimacy With God - Pilgrims Progress Radio Broadcast (02-18-15)

Since the beginning of creation, God intended to carve out a space in his heart to love mankind. Holy intimacy with God prevailed in the Garden of Eden. But, God alone can’t maintain this intimacy. Instead, intimacy requires mutual, reciprocal sacrifice. First, God creates a space in his heart for us. Then, we choose to respond by creating a space in our heart for him. This space is created only by sacrifice.

The children of Israel are an example of what happens when we refuse to create a space in our hearts for God. Although God delivered Israel out of slavery with many powerful signs, and loved and carried them through the desert, Israel refused to love God and keep his commandments. As a result, the entire generation died in the desert. Then a generation with a pure heart was able to enter the promised land.

These events are a warning to us. As Jesus said, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Like Israel, you may identify as part of the people of God. But do you intimately cherish and treasure Jesus in your heart? Or do you harbor distrust and rebellion? Please consider this question carefully. It is a question of heaven or hell!


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