Soldiering On

Ready for a change???

Is your church soldiering on without the Holy Spirit, perhaps while praying for revival? This will never produce revival. We must take the position, “Either the Holy Spirit comes, or the church closes. And it’s over.”

How do you know if you’re soldiering on? When your church stops confession and repentance. Instead, the church fills up broken cisterns with washed up doctrine, programs and Bible studies, casualness, and happy praise and worship. As a result, the church makes no impact on the culture.

But, the modern church is so used to soldiering on that we don’t even recognize the devastation. We don’t realize the Holy Spirit left us. Instead, we go about our lives and think nothing of the eternal misery of lost souls. We don’t flinch at the bitterness and hardness of our own hearts.

Are you brokenhearted by your own casualness and soldiering on? All of us are guilty. We thought we could tough it out. But, we can’t eke out church while we hope God will come sometime in the future. Revival will never come until we know that we will die without it.

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