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Today is the Day of Salvation (2013)

Are you making progress on this journey to the Celestial City?

In part 3 of this, “What is the Gospel?” series, Pastor Ray asks, “What measurable progress are you making in Jesus?” Several callers testify that Jesus Christ gave them the victory to walk clean without sinning at all. Unfortunately, because of false teaching, it wasn’t quick and easy for them. They express the difficulty of sifting through the false gospels and the many tears shed before they discovered that salvation in Jesus is complete now.

Perhaps you are like one of these callers. If so, this will be a liberating broadcast! On the other hand, you may be blowing off the conviction of sin that God is trying to use to save you. Why? Because you think you’re already saved.

God’s promise in Jesus is that you have a clean conscience. If your conscience is not clean today, then make it a top priority to set aside the time to get right with God!

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