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This Is Not A Story I Want To Tell

Pastor Ray paints a prophetic parallel between the Israel culture as he goes through the life of Samson. Do you see any compromise in your life with the culture of wickedness that we're in?
9-05-2023 - This Is Not A Story I Want To Tell

Today’s message is one that Pastor Ray doesn’t want to tell. If you’ve read the story, it’s clear because the message hits directly at the modern church. In short, we’re mostly a Samson church and it’s clear to see this is the case. This parallel is exceedingly painful because God will bring judgment upon the church and do whatever is necessary to awaken it from its slumber.

Do you see the compromise with the Philistine culture we’re all a part of, simply because “we’re fat and happy” so to speak? God is going to soon end this and bring great conflict between the two, because Jesus will have a remnant. Will you make a decision to leave the Samson church, where it’s all about my, myself and I and follow Jesus come what may?


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