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The Mystery Of God Is Finished

Are you willing to seek after Jesus with a determination to reject all lies and believe in what the Holy Spirit teaches in the scriptures?
3-22-2022  The Mystery Of God Is Finished

We’ve been blocked from the “mystery of God” (from Revelation 10) by the subtle lies of the modern church, which are truth (i.e. the scriptures) mixed with the opinions of man (which have no weight whatsoever). Pastor Ray walks through a detailed example during the broadcast today where this dear one’s opinions may appear to be integrated with the scriptures but are not. The erroneous inference is that these lies are an extension of the scriptures. These subtle deceptions have befuddled many in the body of Christ and encouraged sin and allowed lukewarmness to continue with other types of sin. We must forsake all lies and be diligent to seek out Jesus and what the scriptures teach, which will ultimately lead us to the cross.

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