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The Joy Of The Lord!

The joy of the Lord is ours, if we're willing to fully give ourselves into the hand of Jesus. Is that joy yours today?
01-11-2022   The Joy Of The Lord

Our teaching today takes us to Romans 5. The glorious truth of being made righteous refutes the lie of imputed righteousness. And Jesus did it, not by our own efforts! Today is the day of salvation dear one! Do you stand in grace, which teaches you to say NO to ungodliness (See Titus 2). Pastor Ray read two short piece from a Charles Finney book and I’ve included his thoughts below.

The doctrines preached in these revivals were the same ones that I had always used. Instead of telling sinners to pray for a new heart, we called on them to make themselves a new heart and a new spirit (see Ezekiel 18:31), and we pressed the duty of instant surrender to God. We told them the Spirit was striving with them to induce them to give Him their hearts, to believe, and to enter at once into a life of devotion to Christ—a life of faith, love, and Christian obedience. We taught them that if they would yield at once to their own convictions of duty, they would be Christians. We tried to show them that everything they did or said before they had submitted, believed, and given their hearts to God was all sin; it was not what God required them to do but was simply deferring repentance and resisting the Holy Spirit.

Finney, Charles G.. Holy Spirit Revivals (p. 110-111). Whitaker House. Kindle Edition.

Are you reconciled with Jesus Christ??

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