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Death Is A Fall From Holiness!

Are you a man or woman under orders or are you free to live your life? The key to today's message is Romans 12:1.
01-12-2022  Death Is A Fall From Holiness

Pastor Ray begins in Genesis 6, as we’re in a very similar time where most are unwilling to deal with their sin before a holy God in a very wicked age. Most have not sensed the need to deal all the way to the bottom of your sin.

Are you an actual doúlos (which is someone who belongs to another with no rights (i.e. a slave to Jesus Christ))? Are you a Romans 12 Christian? Have you fully given up yourself to God? The key to the Christian life is to be a sacrifice for Jesus on that altar and then to stay there. (We apologize for the sound effects caused by a phone and were not able to effectively remove them.)


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