Old withered tree on the misty morning

The Curse Of The Fig Tree

On today's Pilgrim's Progress, Pastor Ray asks the question what is the curse of the fig tree and what is the cure?? It's another must-listen broadcast...
10-23-2023 -  The Curse Of The Fig Tree

Today’s message will be helpful to you only if you’re willing to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. It’s tough because it takes courage to face the truth about ourselves and it’s not always easy or even pleasant at the time. That being said, this message will be enormously helpful to you, if you’re willing to honestly and humbly consider it.

What does it mean to have the curse of the fig tree on our lives and how does one go about getting the curse removed? In a nutshell, that’s today’s message. The scriptures are shown in the tags below. Don’t quickly dismiss the possibility of a curse on your own life but rather humbly seek after Jesus and trust the Holy Spirit to lead you.

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