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The Angry Jesus

Judgment begins in the house of God. Find out why Jesus is angry at the church and what He is calling us to do.
5-06-2024   The Angry Jesus

Scriptures Used in Today’s Broadcast: Romans 6, Matthew 23, Matthew 26

Why is Jesus angry with the church? Jesus is angry with His church because many, if not most, have not been made into new creatures and transformed by the power of His blood. In other words, they have evaded the crucifixion and deluded themselves that this is somehow acceptable to Jesus. Now is the time dear one to get to Jesus and if you meet His conditions, He will transform you. Don’t let the fierce anger of Jesus destroy you, when His heart is to redeem you, transform you, but you must meet the conditions.

Don’t hide behind your excuses for your sin! Will you wake up and get clean with God before you drop into hell?

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