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Trust Jesus

The Courage (to trust Jesus)

To trust Jesus requires an earnestness and honesty that most in the church fail to exercise. Listen to the steps we need to take to obtain real righteousness.

It takes real courage to ask and allow the Holy Spirit to go all the way to the bottom, will you trust Him? He’s not out to destroy or denigrate you, but rather is interested in a full transformation to use you as a tool in His hand. This requires facing the reality of who really are, not some sentimental distortion.

The church of Laodicea had evidence of this hostility to God, which was hidden behind self-deception. We must be made righteous, as an imputed righteousness is not real. Will you allow your heart to be melted down before Jesus? It takes courage to admit your condition honestly before God, are you willing to be zealous and to repent?


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