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Breaking the Bond of Self Deception – 2013

Are you willing to honestly look at this issue of self-deception and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any such deception in your heart?

Self-deception is a deep-rooted belief in a lie or lies we believe. It becomes such a problem, that we can become no longer aware of the deception we’ve created. Pastor Ray lays out the story of King Saul and his self-deception that cost him everything. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil in your life and mine. Will you let Him break every lie you’ve believed, regardless of what the sin may be?

The heart of Jesus is to fully set you free so that you can serve Him and serve others. Be set free as you listen to this message…

“The Gospel of Jesus is recognizing that I don’t have any power resident in me, that the power is in the blood of Jesus Christ and its delivering transforming power. But we have to make that transition and finally stand up and say, OK, I’ve been beaten enough. Devil, I’m mad, I’m angry. Until you get angry with the devil, you’re not going to gain any victory with Jesus.” 

Pastor Ray during today’s sermon

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