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A Terminal Disease

We've reduced salvation to repeating a prayer that someone else wrote and then we believe we're good to go. What???
8-14-2017 A Terminal Disease - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

What is the terminal disease of the modern, Western church? Simply, it’s believing, “I’m saved and on my way to heaven,” when in fact I’m not.

But where does this disease come from?

First, modern teachers have lowered the bar for salvation. According to the Bible, at conversion a sinner is born again and immediately becomes a new person who stops sinning. Then, he moves on to the infilling of the Holy Spirit and entire sanctification. But, the modern church teaches that conversion is forgiveness for sin–past, present, and future. The converted can’t lose their salvation, even though they live in wickedness. And there’s nothing more to the Christian life than that.

So what’s the remedy? Christians coming back to the basic elements of piety–personal holiness. Christians need to not only repent of all sin, but consecrate all to Jesus–even their best talents and resources. The natural outflow of this kind of conversion and consecration will be a soul-winning life of service.

Will you pursue personal holiness and obey all the commands of God–including sharing the gospel?


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