Sin Is Selfishness

It's clear that sin is selfishness. Our hope of redemption is to forsake our sin, repent and cry out to Jesus and be crucified with Christ. What will you do?
5-24-2023 Sin Is Selfishness

Pastor Ray describes sin as selfishness, or I’ll do it MY way and we’ve also given a more formal definition below.

Selfishnessexclusive or chief regard for one’s own interest or happiness.

The Century Dictionary

Selfishness always has itself at its center (self-pleasure, pride, self-exaltation, etc.), and Pastor Ray focuses on this today. He goes through a familiar hit list in Galatians Chapter 5 and contrasts that with the fruit of the Spirit. We must die to all selfishness, but we must choose to this death. We have been just like Eve, deceived by our sin, by our utter selfishness, by our folly.

What will you do today?

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