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The Plain Truth about Sin

Don't believe the lie of the sinning Christian, it doesn't work or line up with the scriptures.
5-15-2017 THe Plain Truth About Sin - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast - Backup

“We know that any one born of God does not sin” (1 John 5:18a, RSV). Is there any plainer way to say it? The truth about sin is that it leads to death. But, the good news is that by faith in Jesus, you can stop sinning and receive eternal life. Your salvation absolutely depends on this. You will not be able to enter heaven in the next life unless you are holy in this life.

The modern church’s teaching that says, “You’re always going to sin until you die” flies in the face of Scripture. A walk through Romans, 1 John, and Ephesians overturns the gnostic, heretical fallacy of the sinning Christian. Just as God forgives your past sins by faith, he empowers you to stop sinning and walk clean by faith.

Today, God wants to make you a new person–not through struggle and hard work, but by believing! Will you repent, give yourself entirely to Jesus, and let him supernaturally and sovereignly birth you?

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