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The Intercession of the Spirit

Do you recognize the groanings of the Holy Spirit over you, which has likely saved your life many times?
5-16-2017 The Intercession of the Spirit - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

What does the apostle Paul mean when talks about the unutterable groanings of the Holy Spirit? This intercession of the Spirit occurs when we set aside time to think, meditate, and pray. The Holy Spirit leads the mind to consider the church, sinners, and one’s own soul in light of the Bible. This excites deep feelings. If we will follow through, God will excite a spirit of prevailing prayer in us.

However, the American norm is to be too busy to think. Without this time to think and to let the Holy Spirit intercede for us, we will die and go to hell. Do you listen to these messages, and then go do something else? Or do you take time to listen to the Holy Spirit?