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Open Wide Your Mouth (2004)

Will you open your mouth wide for Jesus to fill it as He chooses?

At the cross, Jesus broke the curse of working by the sweat of one’s brow to earn a living. A true Christian doesn’t work for money. The Christian works for Jesus, with a mouth open wide to receive whatever Jesus would give him or her.

Would you continue working at your current job even if they stopped paying you? Would you know that you were working for Jesus, and trust him to send financial resources another way? If not, this indicates that you are working for money. As Christians, we’re to work wherever Jesus assigns us, and to do that work unto him. Then, Jesus provides financially for us. In this way, we know that we are receiving from Jesus–not from the world.

Do you in practice trust Jesus to provide for your basic needs? If you can’t trust Jesus now to feed and clothe you, then how can you trust Jesus to save your soul?