Leaving the Happy Camp

Are you hanging out in the happy camp? Still?
7-06-2017 Leaving the Happy Camp - Pilgrim's Progress Live Radio Broadcast

The church as a whole today no longer finds her rest in Jesus, but in the world. In an effort to wake us up God is pouring out remedial judgments upon America. But, the church is so entrenched in her happy camp that she doesn’t recognize God’s judgments.

The vast majority of Americans are lost and hell-bound. Does this stir your heart? If you don’t cry out with tears for the lost and the dying, you don’t have the heart of Jesus. If you say you’re a Christian in this condition, you’re a hypocrite.

To avoid the destruction of America, there must be a radical change in the lives of Christians and in the culture. President Trump will not stop God’s judgments from destroying America. But, deep crucifixion with Jesus Christ will.

This crucifixion is accomplished by the Holy Spirit as we yield all pain and suffering to Jesus. Instead of kicking and screaming, we submit every event to the will of God and let it crush us. As the crucifixion deadens us to sin, self, and earthly attachments,  we become humble and tender-hearted. Our hearts widen with universal love and our souls rest in quiet gentleness.

The depth and power of your spiritual life depends entirely on the degree of your crucifixion. Do you long to see revival come? Will you leave the happy camp of normal life, stop dodging the cross, and let Jesus bring you into a place of perfect, sanctified suffering?