Take Time to Wait on God

As Americans, we must beseech Jesus to teach us to wait upon Him and He will do just that!
07-10-2017 Take Time to Wait on God - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

To wait on God is an art of celestial slowness that consists of thoughtful, exhaustive prayer. The Christian presents the subject in all of its details before the Lord. The whole heart and mind engage in prayer. The Holy Spirit leads the Christian to see the full will of God, and his timing.

As a result, the Christian walks slowly, gently, and tenderly with the Lord. He makes decisions impartially. A sweetness of spirit pervades in all circumstances.

On the other hand, a hasty spirit defeats the purposes of God and injures others. Such rushing ahead demonstrates a lack of faith. The results from hasty work, though it be prolonged, are minimal. But, if we’re perfectly dead in deep and quiet union with God, our ministry will be far more fruitful–even if it is shorter.

Are you hasty, or do you take time to wait on God?