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No Strange Fire (2004)

Do you know what this strange fire is? It's a very dangerous thing to lie to the Holy Spirit, it may cost you your life...

Nadab and Abihu consecrated themselves to God, then offered strange fire on the altar. As a result, God struck them dead. Similarly, in the New Covenant, Ananias and Sapphira lied, and God struck them dead.

Today, many in the church are offer this “strange fire.” Some examples include humanism, pride, and doing God’s work in your own strength, wisdom or power. However, to be a true Christian, and to be a true church, you must be consecrated entirely to God. You must not only be born again, but you must be sanctified.

Will you devote yourself to Jesus as a living sacrifice, so that the fire of the Holy Spirit can indwell you? Have you lied to God about your true heart condition or thought that a half-truth was acceptable?

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