Life Through The Spirit

Is your desire to enter the rest of God? We invite you to listen to today's broadcast, which will help you immensely.
7-10-2024  Life Through The Spirit

Scriptures Used During Today’s Broadcast: Hebrews 4, Romans 7, Romans 8

Today’s message is for those special ones who desire a breakthrough in their walk with Jesus. If that is your heart’s desire, you’ll find this message to be very helpful. The Holy Spirit laid out this path to victory in his life from the book of Romans and today he lays out this path for us.

I’m including the key message to Pastor Ray before he got hurt.

Wait upon the Lord and I will carry you. Enter into my rest.

The Holy Spirit to Pastor Ray

Without this great need to enter the rest of God, we’ll likely never make it there. The concrete keys to entering into the rest of God are contained in today’s broadcast. We invite you to read and re-read Romans 6, 7 and 8. (There is some minor static at the beginning of the broadcast I wasn’t able to remove but it’s only there.)

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