Have You Been Cut Off From Jesus?

Another important message today from the Gospel of John, with the focus on Chapter 15. Have you been cut off from Jesus?
11-08-2022 - Have You Been Cut Off From Jesus

Today’s message is another from the series on the Gospel of John. The focus is on John 15 and we must ask ourselves if we’ve been cut off from Jesus. Are you willing to hear the truth from the Holy Spirit, regardless of what the answer may be? There is also the possibility that you have never been connected to the vine of Jesus, which you must consider. Pastor Ray talks through this and lays out some very helpful markers.

Jesus requires that we be fully connected to Him and that’s only possible if we’ve fully surrendered ourselves to Him (and stay surrendered) and have been utterly crucified with Him. How is your heart with Jesus today?

“The only source of life is the person of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Ray during today’s broadcast