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JUDGMENT DAY, How Will You Stand??

Are you prepared for judgment day?
10-20-2021 JUDGMENT DAY, How Will You Stand

After a quick review of the two preceding messages and a reminder of the three necessary steps involved in the School of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Ray proceeds with the third message in this series. Pastor Ray explains how righteousness comes into our lives! How glorious it is and it’s not by white knuckling our way through these difficulties! It is glorious yet painful, have you made that decision to enter this school of the Holy Spirit?

(In Matthew 7), (J)esus gives a sobering revelation of the judgment scene, a warning to all who claim to be His followers. Jesus reveals that many who call Him “Lord,” who consider themselves Christians and as anointed to work in His kingdom, get it wrong! They believe that they are on their way to heaven even though they are continuing to sin… “working lawless deeds…” (cf. 1 Jn 3:4) But Jesus’ own words reflect the absolute necessity of perseverance in obedience for entrance into heaven – “…the one that keeps on doing the will of My Father” (cf. vv. 24, 26)

Brother Russ Lavender – Lavender New Testament