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I Come To You In Fear And Trembling

Are you walking before God in fear and trembling?
12-28-2021  I Come To You In Fear And Trembling

Our words have meaning (and power) but only if they are connected to our actions. Today’s cautionary tale is in the scriptures (Matthew 21) and from Frank Bartleman’s book entitled “How Pentecost Came to Los Angeles” (see brief excerpt below). Words have meaning and God will bring judgment upon us if we walk in pride, lying or deceit. May we humble our hearts before Jesus in fear and trembling.

Don’t walk in self-deceit…

“God is not trying to build up something else, or to do something for men that will make them great and mighty, but rather to bring all men to naught, and do the work through the power of the Holy Ghost. The call of God to His people now is to humble themselves; to recognize their weakness and lack of power, to get down before Him, and wait till His power is restored. The great question is, will men see the plan of God, and yield to it? Will men get down in humility at Jesus feet, and pray and wait till He restores His full, Pentecostal power? Or will they continue to run ahead of Him, and fail in the end?

Frank Bartleman – Azusa Street Revival

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