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The First Baby Steps of Salvation

God does want to grow us up but we must learn the baby steps before we can walk.
5-2-2017 The First Baby Steps of Salvation - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast

What are the first baby steps of salvation we must take to grow up in Jesus? The traditions of our modern, hidebound church produce 30-year-old infants in Christ who argue, fuss, make messes, are jealous, and complain when left without a binky or bottle. How do we get past this Gerber food of the gospel? Abraham’s walk with the Lord gives a simple answer: we exercise faith in the promises of God.

But what is faith? The word, in the Greek, means to “set under,” as to sit under a grape arbor. In other words, God gives us evidence: a promise, or rhema word. We then accept this promise as authority and remain under it until the thing promised comes to pass. In this waiting, God gives us places of abiding and says, “Go here. Say this. Don’t do that anymore.” Our first baby steps to salvation begin as we obey this word of the Holy Spirit to our hearts. Are you letting God do in your life what he wants to do?

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