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Do Not Regard Eternity Lightly!

Our casualness is a symptom of a great spiritual malady, which can only be cured through repentance and a seeking after of Jesus.
3-08-2022  Do Not Regard Eternity Lightly

How do we show Jesus contempt, even in the midst of our worship or religiosity? By the things we do or fail to do by not having a backbone against the wickedness of our day. Pastor Ray examines this topic today through the lens of the prophet Malachi. Our casual laid back laissez-faire attitude won’t bring us what we desperately need, which is into the heart of Jesus where we see Him come with great power to rescue precious ones from hell. Are you willing to ask Jesus to show where and how you have treated Him with contempt? That’s what I’m doing, I pray that you join me in letting the Lord deal with us.


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