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Can You See It? (2004)

Do you have eyes to see in the spirit or are you blind? Don't be content to be blind but to resolve to see, regardless of the cost.

Today’s encore sermon is one I found in the archives by “accident.” The question that Pastor Ray posed to us is whether or not we have eyes to see what Jesus is doing in the spirit. This will require us to cut off all foreign gods and to yield our hearts to the Lord. Find out what this means on a deeper level by listening to the message.

Most of us can readily see what the enemy is doing but would be hard-pressed to lay out what Jesus is doing in the midst of all of the wickedness going on in our culture. I encourage you to listen to this old message, in spite of the audio quality, which is subpar but still pretty easy to follow. If the worthies of old could see in the spirit, so can you and I! Be encouraged to entrust yourself to Jesus!

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